About Us

In the last 15 years, we went from the best kept secret in Monroe County to one of the largest retail mattress outlets in the area! How? By offering our clientele the finest mattresses available at prices well below what our competition offers. Again, how? Simple. Their overhead verses our overhead. They have thousands and thousands of dollars worth of overhead that we just don’t have! That’s every day, every week, every month!!! That means we can sell a much better product for a whole lot less than they can! Sometimes half of what they sell for! Sometimes less than half of what they sell for!

And, names you know and trust! Names like SEALY, SERTA, ENGLANDER, GLIDE-A-WAY, I COMFORT, and I SERIES! Not some off the wall brand you’ve never heard of. Did you know there are over 1000 mattress manufacturers? Over 5000 factories? Can you name them? Can you name 10?

f you have been in this area for a while, you know someone who has bought from us. Someone who shopped, compared, and will attest to the fact that this is THE PLACE to buy your next mattress! Be it a child’s bunkie, a guest bedroom set, a gift, or …… that mattress you’ve always wanted for yourself but felt you couldn’t afford! Guess what? You can! Come see!